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What is Bright Waters?

My hope for Bright Waters is that it will be used as a tool to help you encourage your friends. Or if you’ve been encouraged by someone, to reach out that person and let them know that they have been an encouragement to you! When I think about what fuels me and my friends it’s when we have that quality time and we have that moment, that 'a-ha' moment like you get me. Or 'I can’t believe you’re going through that, I had no idea that that was going on in your life'. When you talk to that friend and you find out something is going on, when something connected the two of you, or she encouraged you in some way. When you have that angst saying, 'I want to do something. But what?' You can reach out.

We aren’t giving ourselves permission to reach out to that person because we don’t feel comfortable. Or we think that it won’t make a difference. But what if you were given a card of encouragement? Telling you how great you are doing amidst a storm? What if something you said to someone was so impactful that they wanted to say thank you? More of this is what we are trying to cultivate. Helping our friends feel seen, loved and encouraged for the women that they are right now.