I’m Michelle. First off, I’m really grateful that you’re here. Thank you! Bless you for supporting this dream and helping a girl press on! ;)

I’ve always loved cards, stationery, design and sending things to my friends. But it wasn’t until I was very sick in my second pregnancy that this idea came to mind. Friends reached out to me with their stories, concern and experiences which were similar to mine. And I realized I wasn’t alone. That others actually cared what happened to me and that in reality, things could be so much worse.

Bright Waters was a result of that time. In the midst of fear and sickness this idea to facilitate women reaching out to other women felt needed and necessary. The Lord really put this on my heart. (I was skeptical about this, but He persisted.) He is my strength and my courage in this venture. There is no way this introvert who fears what others think of her would, on a normal day, go out and start a business. But He doesn’t call us to stay in our comfort zones. So here it goes.

Feeling so grateful to be jumping in with you guys!