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Bright Waters - Hard Times & A New Perspective

I’ve mentioned before that Bright Waters started from a place of struggle and fear and that started about four and a half years ago when I had my son. I love this child soooo much it hurts! But man, he broke my pelvis. Like literally my pelvis separated and he fractured a part of it. (Sorry too graphic?)

I couldn’t walk without the assistance of a walker, couldn’t shower on my own, I couldn’t bounce him when he was crying, or stand while holding him. I had to watch my family do the things I couldn’t. Life got real to me. Oh THIS is what people mean when they say life gets hard. All the other ‘stuff’ didn’t seem so hard now. My son was healthy though! I was alive! I wasn’t in critical condition! But my life had been turned upside down and I didn’t know if it would be like this forever. Would I ever walk unassisted again? Would I ever run? Would I ever be able to take care of my child on my own? The recovery was long and hard. It took over a year to get back to more normal activities and even then I still suffered from painful repercussions.

I guess I just felt like I should let you know because I feel like I was the girl that needed to be encouraged for so long. I was frustrated and devastated by this new normal I was thrown into. To those that reached out to me I was so grateful (and tearful). I wanted friends to talk to and to share with but I was scared to bring it up (and maybe they were scared to ask).

To check in with someone can mean a lot more than we think. Sending a text to let them know you’re there. A card with no response required, just love. The feeling of being seen by others in a hard place can be scary, but also so freeing.

Do you have a story like mine? All of ours are a little different but the feelings are the same. Let’s support each other. Let’s be a tribe of ladies that strives to see the women in our lives that need our support. I’m learning alongside you what that looks like and how we can do it together.

Better Together! 💜❇😊


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