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5 Reasons to Send a Card - Not a Text

5 Reasons to Send a Card - Not a Text 

Why not send a text? It's quick easy and you can cross it off your list. But there is so much more to this analog style of communication that we miss via text. Here are 5 things to consider before texting.

Send a card instead. :)

1. E x c i t e m e n t  &  M y s t e r y

You know what I’m talking about. When you receive something in the mail that doesn’t say Amazon and you haven’t ordered anything lately. What. Is. It?!? We all love that feeling.

2. I t ’ s  I n e x p e n s i v e

The cost is minimal (like when you go out to fancy coffee places), but the outcomes are huge. Good return on rate here. A card and small gift is all it takes. You took 10 minutes to think of them, pick out something pretty (pretty doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, just thoughtful + pretty) and write a note. She is going to be over the moon that you took the time to think of her!

3. The least  'a w k w a r d' way to give a compliment

Think about it. You’ve thought to yourself, “Wow she is so great at this!” or “I hope she knows what a difference she is making.”  But you’re not sure how to bring it up or you feel a little bit awkward. This is your chance. You can carefully think through what you want to say instead of just saying what comes to mind and potentially not saying what you actually wanted to say. Let her know how great she is. She will be delighted and encouraged by your words.

 4. L o s t  A r t

Really. When was the last time someone sent you something in the mail? And not just an invitation but a card that contained a note inside addressed to you. It makes you smile and there’s a fun nostalgia about mail correspondence.

 5. Last but most important – C o n n e c t i o n

I have sent many cards and gifts over the years to girl friends and this is the number one and most important, life giving thing to get from sending a bit of mail, connection. I want my girl friends to feel loved, appreciated, and like they matter. I love sending a note of encouragement to a new mom (maybe a small gift too). I love letting my friend that is going through a hard time know that I see her. Or as she starts a new venture I want her to know she has my full support. There is something ‘next level’ about taking the time to send a card during the age of text message friendships.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! And here's to reaching out and creating connection. 

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She. Will. Love it!


Warm Regards,


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